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  • DARU Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

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DARU Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
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About Us

Daru Technology Suzhou Co Ltd is located in the Suzhou Industrial Park in the Yangtze River Delta of China Daru Technology has a number of patents related to power control systems and grinding and polishing applications and has industry leading technological innovation capabilities The main products of Daru Technology are power control system special for robotic grinding and polishing modular grinding and polishing station etc which mainly provide enterprises with research and development design sales and perfect after sales service of automatic grinding and polishing systems Daru Technology adheres to the service tenet of exceeding customer expectations while focusing on the polishing...

Categories and Products


3C Electronics grinding DFC system

Custom Laptop keyboard grinding active contact flange Soundbox grinding sanding polishing active contact flange Laptop keyboard sanding grinding active contact flange Metal processing laptop keyboard constant force acutator Metal polishing laptop keyboard active contact flange Metal polishing computer case active contact flange Plastics grinding speaker cover active contact flange Plastics grinding phone shell active contact flange Plastics 3C Electronics Phone Shell Active Contact Flange Industrial use Phone Shell Active Contact Flange Plastics 3C Electronics Soundbox Active Contact Flange Soundbox Polishing Active Contact Flange 3C Electronics grinding Computer Case Active Contact Flange Metal 3C Electronics Laptop Keyboard Active Contact Flange 3C Electronics Laptop Keyboard Active Contact Flange 3C Electronics Grinding processing Active Contact Flange New design 3c electronic constant force actuator Industrial computer case grinding process actuator Industrial soundbox grinding process actuator Laptop keyboard sanding abrasive force control system 

Auto Parts grinding DFC system

Custom Auto sunvisor grinding force control system Auto parts grinding polishing sanding active contact flange Luggage rack sanding polishing active contact flange Plastics cover plate grinding active contact flange Custom precision workpiece grinding active contact flange Custom auto parts processing active contact flange Metal grinding luggage rack active contact flange Plastics grinding Sunvisor active contact flange Auto parts grinding Sunvisor active contact flange Auto accessories polishing Sunvisor active contact flange Plastics grinding Door handle active contact flange Auto parts grinding Door handle active contact flange Auto parts accessories Door handle active contact flange Auto part Luggage Rack grinding Active Contact Flange Luggage Rack grinding processing Active Contact Flange auto air conditioning grinding active contact flange Wholesale Auto accessories grinding active contact flange Metal bumper polishing processing active contact flange Auto parts bumper grinding polishing active contact flange Metal auto accessories bumper active contact flange 

Household Sanitary Ware DFC system

Household Integrated stove grinder Household TV stand grinding active contact flange Metal TV stand grinding active contact flange Household workpiece grinding cheap TV stand grinder Traffic tool grinding active contact flange Smart toilet lid processing constant force actuator Industrial Laptop Keyboard grinding process actuator Industrial door handle grinding process actuator Industrial phone shell grinding process actuator Industrial luggage rack grinding process actuator Industrial air conditioning grinding process actuator Industrial wood chair grinding process actuator Industrial smart toilet lid grinding process actuator Industrial integrated stove grinding processing actuator Industrial subway gate grinding process actuator Industrial high-speed train door grinding actuator Industrial Quartz crucible grinding process actuator Acrylic processing grinding constant force actuator Door handle grinding sanding abrasive force control system Integrated stove grinding sanding force control system 

Traffic And Transportation DFC system

Flat door grinding sanding abrasive active contact flange Traffic parts grinding polishing active contact flange Gate weld grinding sanding active contact flange Speaker shell polishing grinding active contact flange Metal grinding computer case active contact flange Plastics polishing soundbox active contact flange 3C Electronics Polishing Computer Case Active Contact Flange 3C Electronics Metal Computer Case Active Contact Flange Cheap price Subway gate active contact flange Traffic transportation Subway seat DFC system Metal Traffic tools Subway seat active contact flange Metal grinding Traffic Tools active contact flange High-speed train door grinding active contact flange Metal transportation tool High-speed train door grinder Transportation High-speed train door active contact flange Subway gate processing constant force actuator Subway seat processing constant force actuator High-speed train door processing constant force actuator Bumper grinding sanding abrasive force control system 

Other DFC System

Acrylic grinding sanding polishing active contact flange ABS grinding sanding abrasive active contact flange Constant force control active contact flange grinder Quartz crucible grinding machine active contact flange Raw stone Quartz crucible active contact flange Custom Acrylic polishing grinding grinder BOPS heat shrinkable film grinding active contact flange Carbon fiber helmet grinding active contact flange Custom High polymer material active contact flange Milling machine work piece grinding active contact flange Precision casting work piece grinder active contact flange Cheap price ceramic polishing constant force actuator Quick response 3c electronic constant force actuator Electric traffic constant linear force actuator Aerospace compressing constant linear force actuator Quartz crucible processing constant force actuator Milling work piece processing constant force actuator Heat shrinkable film processing constant force actuator Force control system function active contact flange Electric die grinder glass variable speed 

Constant Force Actuator

Grinding Constant Force Actuator

Metal plate grinding sanding constant force actuator Cheap price high quality pneumatic ABS grinder High quality metal sanding constant force actuator Laptop Keyboard processing constant force actuator Precision work piece processing constant force actuator Industrial milling workpiece processing grinding actuator Adjustable polished sanding constant force actuator Custom constant force actuator Electric actuator high force calculator calculation High force measuring industrial actuator High force calculation solenoid linear actuator High force linear actuator with force control gauge Linear actuator force control feedback sensor Extreme force feedback linear controlled actuator Double disc die grinding machine Grinding machine for sale europe Best centerless automatic angle grinding machine Grinding machine function germany ghana Grinding machine price in different countries Grinding machine in Korea kenya malaysia 

Polishing Constant Force Actuator

Quartz crucible grinding polishing constant force actuator Workpiece Polishing processing Constant Force Actuator Custom constant force grinding polishing linear abraser Wholesale ceramic polishing constant force actuator Instant adjusting sanitary ware constant force actuator Auto accessories high speed constant force actuator Air conditioning grinding processing constant force actuator Industrial safety box grinding process actuator Industrial heat film grinding process actuator Industrial precision workpiece grinding process actuator Electric polishing tool machine for granite Car accessories polishing machine buffer Polishing machine for cars knife Polishing machine for rocks wood glass Wood rotary polishing machine kit Acrylic edge aluminum auto polishing machine Automatic line metal polishing machine Best concrete car polishing machine Best shoe cars polishing machine Buffing concrete grinder polishing machines 

Deburring Constant Force Actuator

Computer case grinding deburring constant force actuator Retail selling compound deburring constant force actuator Best service compound deburring constant force actuator Best case automatic deburring machine tool Case deburring aluminum sheet air tool Deburring and edge rounding machine tool Best copper deburring external chamfer tool Deburring chamfer bit and grinding polishing machine Deburring copper pipe chamfer countersink bit tool Aluminum advanced deburring & finishing tool Deburring internal cross holes knife edge Deburring external chamfer tool equipment Deburring internal chamfer grinding finishing tool Deburring stainless steel edge tool Deburring operation in sheet metal near me Edge deburring tool youtube Deburring laser cut aluminium machine for sale Deburring sheet metal pipe rotary tool Deburring knife metal large parts Electric external deburring tool 

Harmonize Lines Constant Force Actuator

Subway seat grinding constant force actuator Custom electric force control polishing grinder High quality Acrylic polishing grinding machine Weld joint grinding active contact flange Custom color metal sanding constant force actuator Retail sellwood harmonizing lines constant force actuator Best service wood harmonizing lines constant force actuator Electric auto parts high speed constant force actuator Sunvisor processing constant force actuator Custom Luggage rack processing constant force actuator TV stand processing constant force actuator Industrial TV stand grinding processing actuator Industrial subway seat grinding processing actuator Industrial weld joint grinding process actuator Industrial carbon fiber helmet grinding processing actuator Best surface centerless grinding machine Grinding machine accessories application Grinding machine attachments brands cost Glass surface electric grinding machine Dry edge grinding machine 

Welding Line Constant Force Actuator

Seats weld bead grinding constant force actuator Weld grinding sanding abrasive constant force actuator Gate weld grinding sanding constant force actuator Stone Quartz crucible active contact flange Weld joint line grinding machine High quality plastics grinding constant force actuator Instant adjusting household constant force actuator Precision processing compressing constant force actuator Weld joint processing constant force actuator New style good price grinding constant force manipulator Automated burr fillet weld grinding Smooth grinding polishing steel weld Grinding weld beads bit Grinding welds on sheet metal jobs Hot sale fillet weld grinding disc Aluminum weld bead grinding for sale Inside cornor grinding welds on square tube Grinding weld joints root tips Robotic sheet metal stainless steel weld grinding 

Clean Constant Force Actuator

New design flexible cleaning constant force actuator Automatic flexible cleaning constant force actuator Traffic tools compressing constant linear force actuator Car Door handle processing constant force actuator Custom Integrated stove processing constant force actuator Tables and chairs wood processing constant force actuator Computer case processing constant force actuator Constant force electric linear actuator Grinding machine in different countries Grinding machine low price online Grinding machine tools specification Grinding machine safety guard qualifiication Grinding machine unit in UK USA 

Force Control System

Metal processing Force Control System

Metal Chassis Polishing grinding force control system Metal door panel polishing grinding force control system Railway door grinding polishing sanding force control system Metal train door sanding grinding force control system Metal workpiece grinding processing Force Control System Industrial metal workpiece grinding constant force actuator Custom sanding force control system Industrial grinding cleaning force control system Deburring grinding force control system Harmonize lines sanding force control system Gate removal sanding force control system Metal grinding sanding abrasive force control system Mass production robotic automatic force manipulator Sales java force control system Robotic system hydraulic force control system UK Qatar active contact flange quality Japan active contact flange machine Active contact flange constant force actuator arduino Precision metal grinding tools Metal grinding surface table 

Plastics Force Control System

Robotic automatic grinding active contact flange Mass production robotic automatic force actuator Air force stock control system USA active contact flange Metal grinding burrs bits Metal grinding polishing equipments advantages Metal cutting edge grinding discs Industrial metal grinding disc machine Metal flat grinding polishing Grinding operation patterns on metal Plastic grinding grinder disc price Disc grinding machine for plastic Industrial plastic centerless grinding machine Abs plastic angle grinding disc Best centerless tool for grinding plastic Plastic grinding machine plant price Plastic surface grinding machine Surface grinding plastic bit Plastic grinding system tool Plastic grinding discs equipment 

Wood Force Control System

Furniture grinding polishing force control system Industrial wood workpiece grinding constant force actuator Rough exactitude sanding force control system High speed polishing force control system Industrial use abrasive force control system Flexible exactitude sanding force control system High efficiency grinding force control system Rough sanding flexible force control system Wood grinding sanding abrasive force control system Soundbox grinding sanding abrasive force control system Wood chair grinding sanding abrasive force control system Robotic automatic grinding constant force actuator toolstation types of metal grinding disc Rotary tool metal grinding bits sheet metal grinding process machine Multi metal grinding disc Metal surface grinding machine tools Metal grinding tools vacuum Price process of metal grinding disc metal grinding disc machine quotes 

Compound Material Force Control System

Toilet lid grinding sanding abrasive active contact flange Wood chairs grinding sanding abrasive active contact flange Safety box grinding polishing kits Heat shrink film grinding sanding force control system Carbon fiber helmet grinding sanding force control system Ceramics polishing processing Force Control System Custom new type grinding processing ABS Grinder Custom Air conditioning grinding active contact flange Wood table chair grinding active contact flange Household sanitary wood table chair grinder Household sanitary ware wood active contact flange Household Integrated stove active contact flange Sanitary ware Smart toilet lid active contact flange Composite workpiece grinding constant force actuator Compound grinding sanding abrasive force control system Air-conditioning grinding sanding force control system Toilet lid grinding sanding abrasive force control system Mass production robotic automatic force controller High quality vertical rotary surface grinding machine Top 10 selling surface grinding machine 

Glass acrylic crystal Force Control System

Quartz glass crystal grinding force control system Custom color plastics grinding constant force actuator Cheap price acylic abrasive constant force actuator Wholesale acylic abrasive constant force actuator Acrylic processing constant force actuator Industrial acrylic grinding process actuator Industrial plastics grinding constant force actuator Glass grinding sanding abrasive force control system Plastics grinding sanding abrasive force control system Japan force control system flexible control grinder use in youtube constant force grinder test and reviews flexible control grinder tool unit constant force grinder price and quality constant force grinder grinders example Force control grinder kit guide Glass granite grinding machine industrial use Glass grinding and polishing equipment tools Glass grinding and polishing machine bits cost Glass grinding equipment kit 

Ceramic Force Control System

Sales force control system of robotic systems Computer Case modular grinding sanding abrasive station Ceramic workpiece grinding constant force actuator High precision Industrial ceramic grinding manipulator robot Ceramic grinding sanding abrasive force control system Robotic automatic grinding force control system Household wood processing modular grinding station Sanitary ware plastics processing modular grinding station Auto plastics processing modular grinding station Traffic transportation tools modular grinding station Luggage rack sanding processing modular grinding station Pneumatic discs grinder safety Pneumatic grinding tools machine Best electric pneumatic die grinder review Electric grinder angle buffer Electric grinder rolling machine tools Electric grinders power tools with instructions Homemade electric stump burr grinder Very small electric grinder for sales Electric small mini grinder tools 

Fiberglass Grinding Force Control System

Aire force stock air control system Welding toe and grinding procedure Weld grinding equipment kit machine Weld seam toe burr grinding machine Automatic weld grinding joint process Weld root seam grinding disc Weld grinding tool unit Weld grinding disc processes solutions Fillet weld grinding disc tool Robotic weld grinding finishes tool Fiberglass grinding tool booth Fiberglass grinding machine equipment for sales Cleaning and polishing fiberglass bathtub kit Fiberglass scratch tub shower polishing Polishing fiberglass bass boat bathtub gelcoat Sanding and polishing oxidized resin fiberglass Sanding epoxy resin fiberglass tools Sanding fiberglass door boat hull edges Wet sanding fiberglass gelcoat shower boat hull Wet sanding fiberglass boat gel coat hull 

Modular grinding sanding polishing abrasive station

Modular grinding station

Door handle processing modular grinding workstation Weld joint grinding sanding abrasive force control system Industrial grinding sanding polishing modular workstation Metal grindiing polishing sanding modular workstation Robotic modular grinding station for mass production Robotic wet grinding modular grinding station Industrial automatic dry grinding modular grinding station Metal 3c products processing modular grinding station Metal 3c products processing modular abrasive station Metal Auto parts processing modular grinding station Milling precision workpiece modular grinding station Aerospace compound processing modular grinding station Acrylic rough grinding modular grinding station Laptop Keyboard sanding processing modular grinding station Toilet lid sanding modular grinding processing station Subway seat sanding processing modular grinding station Integrated stove sanding processing modular grinding station Pneumatic grinder set tool Chicago pneumatic die grinder parts Best pneumatic die angle grinder 

Modular sanding station

Soundbox grinding sanding modular workstation Carbon Fiber Helmet sanding abrasive modular workstation Speaker cover grinding abrasive modular sanding workstation High tensile sanding polishing grinding industrial robot Safety box grinding sanding industrial robot Acrylic grinding sanding industrial robot High quality modular sanding station for mass production Mass production robotic wet grinding modular sanding station Industrial automatic dry grinding modular sanding station Metal 3c products processing modular sanding station Household wood processing modular sanding station Sanitary ware plastics processing modular sanding station Auto accessories plastics processing modular sanding station Traffic transportation modular sanding station Aerospace compound processing modular sanding station Milling precision workpiece modular sanding station Acrylic rough grinding modular sanding station Computer case sanding processing modular grinding station Phone shell sanding processing modular grinding station Door handle sanding processing modular grinding station 

Modular polishing station

Laptop speaker grinding polishing modular workstation Soundbox grinding polishing modular workstation High quality modular polishing station for mass production Mass production wet grinding modular polishing station Industrial automatic dry grinding modular polishing station Metal 3c products processing modular polishing station Household wood processing modular polishing station New type Auto parts processing modular sanding station Sanitary ware plastics processing modular polishing station Auto parts processing modular polishing station Auto plastics processing modular polishing station Traffic transportation tools modular polishing station Aerospace compound processing modular polishing station Milling precision workpiece modular polishing station Acrylic rough grinding modular polishing station Sunvisor sanding processing modular grinding station Carbon fiber helmet processing modular grinding station 

Modular abrasive station

BOPS Heat shrink film modular abrasive workstation Carbon fiber helmet grinding polishing modular workstation Electric car floor grinder polisher Industrial Automatic variable speed grinder sander polisher OEM constant force abrasive acrylic herb polisher grinder Carbon fiber helmet processing constant force actuator High quality modular abrasive station for mass production Robotic wet grinding modular abrasive station Industrial automatic dry grinding modular abrasive station Cheap Household wood processing modular abrasive station Sanitary ware plastics processing modular abrasive station New style Auto parts processing modular abrasive station Traffic transportation modular abrasive station Auto plastics processing modular abrasive station Aerospace compound processing modular abrasive station Milling precision workpiece modular abrasive station Acrylic rough grinding modular abrasive station flexible control grinder price and quality flexible control grinder kit machine force control grinder machine price 

Automatic Sandpaper replacement Equipment

Automatic Sandpaper Change Machine New type acrylic herb flame polisher grinder Custom new design acrylic flame grinder polisher Metal Integrated stove grinder active contact flange Automatic sandpaper exchanging replacement device Universal use grinding sandpaper replacement machine Industrial use electric sandpaper exchange equipment Industrial grinding sandpaper exchange device unit active contact flange grinder machine price Active contact flange grinder tool sales Force control system grinder machine price Pneumatic grinders vs electric uses Long reach electric metal grinders for sale Electric wood grinder wet and dry Best metal grinding disc angle grinder Flat grinding weld die grinder Weld grinding disc die grinder bits Sandpaper replacement equipment machine Sandpaper replacement for grinding polishing sanding Industrial Sandpaper changing exchange replacement unit 

Industrial Robot

Four-axis Industrial Robot

6-axis grinding sanding abrasive robot Household sanitary ware sanding grinding abrasive robot Four-axis industrial robot for industry manufacturing Armed automatic industrial abrasive robot High efficiency cheap price grinding industrial robot Plastics polishing industrial polishing manipulator robot Sunvisor grinding sanding industrial robot Luggage rack grinding sanding industrial robot Air conditioning grinding sanding industrial robot Door handle grinding sanding industrial robot Soundbox grinding sanding industrial robot 

Six-axis Industrial Robot

Custom mini 6-axis armed automatic industrial robot HIgh sale automatic industrial abrasive manipulator robot Computer case grinding sanding industrial robot TV stand grinding sanding industrial robot High-speed train door grinding sanding industrial robot Grinding robot application floor grinding robot Internal pipe ground grinding robot Automatic collaborative robotic sanding robot Vacuum sanding cleaner robot robotic sanding application machine robot 

Grinding Industrial Robot

Abb fanuc grinding robot cell Arm robot grinding applications Kuka robot grinding for sale price Metal material grinding arm robot Robot grinding machine equipment Automated car polishing robot Fanuc robot flame polishing Kuka polishing robot arm prices Robot grinding and polishing cell Polishing robot programming system Robotic polishing equipment system Robot sanding kit machine Robot sanding device equipment Fanuc Kuka Mirka sanding robot Automatic collaborative sanding robot 

Polishing Industrial Robot

Precision processing grinding process industrial robot Armed industrial polishing process industrial robot Custom high strength property armed industrial robot Robotic Wood sanding industrial sanding robot Wood chairs grinding sanding industrial robot Bumper grinding sanding industrial robot Smart toilet lid grinding sanding industrial robot CNC foundry grinding robot Arm components grinding robot machine Grinding sanding robot processes 

Sanding Industrial Robot

6-axis sanding industrial robot Universal deburring process industrial robot Custom metal grinding flexible control industrial robot Laptop Keyboard grinding sanding industrial robot Integrated stove grinding sanding industrial robot Phone shell grinding sanding industrial robot Subway gate grinding sanding industrial robot Quartz crucible grinding sanding industrial robot Weld joint grinding sanding industrial robot floor sanding grinding robot Robot grinding processes and quality Robot weld grinding tool Robotic grinding and finishing polishing Universal robot grinding polishing device Robotic grinding cell equipment system Robot polishing kit machine Robot polishing quartz tool Robot polishing video youtube Robot polishing mold system Universal robot polishing metal 

Grinder Sander Polisher


Oem force control polisher grinder active contact flange Weld joint grinder polisher machine BOPS heat shrinkable film sanding grinder High polymer Carbon fiber helmet grinder machine Custom Mass production robotic automatic grinder Flexible control grinder equipment installation constant force grinder machine kit active contact flange grinder sales Active contact flange grinder kit instructions active contact flange grinder quality reviews Active contact flange grinder usage in youtube force control grinder sales in youtube Force control system grinder guide example force control grinder tool quality Force control system grinder kit installation force control system grinder tool unit Pneumatic die grinder kit reviews in youtube Mini rotary electric grinder tool kit Pneumatic sander grinder machine Angle grinder grinding discs for metal grinding 


Custom orbital high speed polishing air disc sander Custom precision orbital wet air High Speed sander Pneumatic Air wet Orbital Sander tool Custom wholesale Vacuum wet disc Air Sander Automatic Electric Wood Polishing Sander machine High speed disc wood processing sander Wholesale Electric Wood Polishing disc Sander Constant force active contact flange industrial sander Heat shrinkable piece sander active contact flange Custom Mass production robotic automatic sander Pneumatic polishing sander tools 3 inch pneumatic orbital angle sander Central pneumatic inline wet air sander Best pneumatic orbital sander for wood Pneumatic orbital sander parts Pneumatic sander manual youtube Orbital pneumatic sander with vacuum Pneumatic palm air sander Pneumatic random orbital rotary sander Pneumatic sander angle for woodworking 


Disc shape high speed air wet polisher sander 3-dimension Electric Cornerwise angle air Car Polisher Industrial use electric disc air wet polisher Air Wet dry disc sander Polisher Cheap price car air wet polisher Custom electric disc floor washing polisher Acrylic workpiece grinding processing flame polisher Custom industrial robotic constant force control Polisher Precision parts polisher active contact flange Industrial Mass production robotic automatic polisher Pneumatic polisher buffer kit 3 inch pneumatic polisher wet 3 inch pneumatic electric stone polisher Best electric car polisher for sale Best electric air auto polisher Electric auto car polisher buffer Central mini pneumatic polisher Pneumatic buffer car orbitial polisher Electric countertop car polisher buffer Electric polisher sander small 

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